Tall Woman Wiki

(Every wiki has its rules, otherwise it would be chaos).

This wiki focuses on the characters

Unlike Giantess Wiki (whose rules only admit characters depending on their relevance), here they are accepted with more flexibility, but there are also rules:

Approval for the character

Intervals of tolerable heights

Trijntje Keever: the tallest woman in history. At 17 she measured more than all the men in Europe.

The minimum and maximum heights according to age are:

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Age (in years)

Average height (in cm)*

Minimum height (in cm)**

Maximum height (in cm)***

1 74.1 80 117
2 85.5 91.5 134
3 94 103 150
4 100.3 110 160
5 107.9 118.5 173
6 115.5 123.5 180
7 121.1 130 190
8 128.2 137 200
9 133.3 142 207
10 138.4 148.5 216
11 144 156.5 228
12 149.8 164 240
13 156.7 167 243
14 158.7 171 250
15 159.7 172 252
16 a 18 162 173 254
Más de 18 163 175 255

*Source: https://www.disabled-world.com/calculators-charts/height-weight-teens.php

**According to the average of a girl/adolescent/woman considered high.

***Following the average height of Trijntje Keever: the tallest woman in history.

  • In case the height of the woman is less than the minimum but it is very approximate, it could be considered for an article, although she must appear a tall person in comparison with the people who live.
  • The table would look like this:

When a woman is taller than allowed in the table, then that woman is considered a giantess.

Other rules

  • Fanon is not accepted. However, you can go to the SD Fanon to publish all the characters you want.
  • No transvestites or transsexuals: This Wikia is exclusively for women, including the tomboys.
  • Only humans are allowed: The anthropomorphic characters (or furries), robots, objects, etc., they are not accepted, unless they have humanoid features throughout the body.
  • The character must have enough participation to deserve his article: Whether the character is a protagonist or a secondary or tertiary character, she may deserve an article. On the other hand, if it is only a recurring character that only appears in an episode and only a filler, it can be mentioned in an article as a subtopic:
    • Anime (extra)
    • Mangas (extra)
    • Western animation (extra)
    • Western comics (extra)
    • Video games (extra)
    • Films (extra)
    • Books (extra)
    • Actresses (extra)

Quality standards

  • All articles must use the template {{Character}}.
  • It must be explained in each article what is special about her height, for example: In what way does it affect the character? And how is it considered high according to other characters?
  • No photomanipulations: If you intend to create an article about a real-life woman, do not use photomanipulations created by the fans.