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Noi is a character from the anime and manga series Dorohedoro.


Noi has long, silver hair and red eyes. She is also very buff. She wears a blue zip-up track suit with her name on it, and a blue gimp mask. She has multiple piercings in each ear. Due to her height and muscular build, Noi is often mistaken for a man before she takes her mask off or speaks.

General information

Noi is an elite magic user who is the younger cousin of En and works for him as an assassin, referred to in the Dorohedoro world as a "cleaner." Her power is healing. Noi has stopped trying to avoid attacks when fighting because she knows she can easily heal herself. Noi is the long-time friend and partner of Shin. The two of them sometimes will have competitions to see who can kill the most people in one night.


Noi is the tallest female character in the Dorohedoro series, towering over even her partner Shin at an astounding 209 cm. The only female character taller than her is Haru at 240cm, but only after Haru undergoes her transformation and becomes a Devil.