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Boa Hancock is a character in the animated series One Piece. She has the powers of the Love-Love Fruit, to which anyone can be petrified by her if they have any lust for her. She can even petrify Pacifistas, which are androids.


Hancock has a well proportioned figure compared to the abnormal and huge appearance of her sisters. She is a very tall, slender woman with long black hair that extends past her waist with locks of hair that frame her face down to her chin, pale skin, large breasts, a high forehead, and dark brown (dark blue in the pre-time skip anime then changed into black after the time-skip) eyes that have long, voluminous lashes. Like most of the females in the series, she has a narrow waist.

Her three measurements are (according to Vinsmoke Sanji and series creator Eiichiro Oda in supplemental material): B111-W61-H91 (B 43.7" - W 24.02" - H 35.83"), making her breasts a J-cup in Japan, and bigger than Nami's or Nico Robin's breasts.

Interactions with her height

Despite how tall she is as a woman and the human, with many characters in the One Piece world, that is not the case. While she is shown taller than the person she’s in love with (Luffy (1.72m pre, 1.74m post)), many females, and some Marine officers; some of the people (mostly men) she meets are of Mini-giant stature. Heck, she’s the shortest of her sisters, who are Mini-giantess themselves. She is also the shortest of the Warlords confirmed (possibly second only to Buggy the Clown). Sometimes the anime makes Hancock taller than she is suppose to be as shown how when she was parting ways with Luffy for a while.